3 Reasons to Check and Repair Your Gutters

The gutters on a home are not something that most people give much thought to—after all, they are just there to catch water and help steer it away from the house, right? Unfortunately if you ignore your gutters for years they can begin to deteriorate, and the end result is often leaks, damage to your home’s foundation, water in the basement, and more. Here are three reasons you should regularly inspect and repair your gutters.

Prevent Overflow
The primary reason that gutters overflow is debris. Over time all the things that land on your roof, from branches and twigs to dirt, rocks, or leaves, get washed into the gutters. There is no system in most standard gutters to remove these items once they get inside besides just cleaning them out. Leaving debris in the gutters over time means there’s no place for the water to go, and it will eventually start to overflow onto your sidewalks and pool around the foundation of your home.

Avoid Leaks
Gutters that are not properly sealed together or affixed to the house are also problematic. Inspecting the gutters around your roof can help you spot potential problems early so you won’t be surprised by flooding in your basement or deteriorated land around your home. Doing a visual inspection at least once or twice a year is recommended for homeowners. If you’re not sure what to look for, hiring a roofer in Texas can help.

Spot Roof Damage Early
Another benefit of doing regular inspections and cleaning for your gutters is the ability to spot roof damage early and get it repaired right away. As asphalt shingles begin to wear out they often lose granules, and the best place to spot that granule loss is in the gutters. While some granule loss is expected over time, if you notice an excessive volume of granules in the gutters be sure to call a roofer in Texas right away.

Well-maintained gutters can help keep your home and your roof protected for years to come.

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