4 Tips to Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

As winter weather starts to fade in Richardson, TX homeowners should start thinking about getting the roof ready for the spring. The upcoming months can bring some wild weather to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and being prepared in advance is the key to make sure you can get through with minimal damage to your roofing. Here are a few tips to prepare for the coming summer and tornado season.

1: Perform a Visual Inspection
The best way to find out if there is something wrong on the roof is to visually inspect it for things like curling, missing, or buckling shingles, excessive granule loss, or damage to the metal flashing. Many homeowners are unsure about what they should be looking for though, so hiring a professional roofer in Richardson is a great idea to make sure you don’t miss any critical problems.

2: Make Repairs Now
As hail, rain, and high winds come with the tornado season, they will often cause more damage to a roof that has some trauma to begin with. Instead of leaving that minor leak to become a gaping hole, take some preventive measures by repairing any problems with your Richardson, TX roofing now. If you don’t want to do DIY repairs, call a contractor to come and help.

3: Trim Trees
One of the most dangerous things for your roofing in Richardson is anything that hangs over the top that might fall and cause damage. In a big storm with high winds, hail, heavy rain, or even ice, tree branches overhanging the roof can cause holes in the roof, leaks, and more.

4: Clean and Repair Gutters
They might not seem like a critical part of your roofing but the gutters have a very important role to play in keeping water moving off the roof and away from your home. If they are filled with debris, have small cracks or leaks, or they have become separated from the house, that can lead to flooding and other problems. Call a Richardson roofing contractor to come and fix them if needed.

As warmer weather is on the way, now is the time to start thinking about getting your roofing ready for the coming season.

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