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If you reside in Dallas-Fort Worth & East TX. or the surrounding area, Hailking Roofing is your trusted roofing partner. Backed by years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we deliver exceptional roofing solutions tailored to your home. Utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge techniques, Hailking Roofing guarantees meticulous attention to detail when addressing your roofing requirements. Our commitment is to surpass your expectations, whether it’s a minor roof repair or full roof replacement.

If you have a minor problem, you might not need a brand-new roof. When you’re dealing with issues such as a hole in your roof or missing shingles, you can trust our experienced roofing company to provide the services you need to get it back in shape. We’ll inspect your roof and let you know what to expect. Then, we’ll take care of the necessary roof repairs to get your roof back to normal or provide you with services such as a roof replacement if required. We’re always there to help with whatever you need.

Discover the many compelling reasons why solar panels are a smart choice for your home or business:

  • Expertise: We specialize in solar installations, offering proven expertise.
  • Cost savings: Receive lower energy bills and potential incentives by installing a solar roofing solution.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint and support clean energy.
  • Increased property value: Boost your home value with a solar installation.
  • Reliability: Get a dependable energy source and greater peace of mind.

Contact us if you’re interested in the benefits of solar installation.

There’s no reason to panic if your exterior needs serious work. You can trust the Hail King Professionals for all the repairs and new installations you need to make your home or place of business look incredible. Our financing options will help you get the updates you need quickly.

Ask about our financing plans when you call us to schedule siding, gutter, and exterior painting services.

A privacy fence does a lot more than decorate your property. You’ll appreciate that a privacy fence can:

  • Help stop intruders in their tracks and improve your security
  • Prevent people from watching you while you’re trying to relax
  • Keep children and pets safe from traffic and wild animals

When you want to arrange your professional fence installation, come to us.

Is it time to pick out the perfect gutters for your structure? When you’re getting a new gutter installation, you’ll have a variety of materials to choose from. Our team has over 30 years of experience installing gutters made of:
  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized steel

Make sure your home or commercial facility is protected from the elements. Reach out right away to arrange your gutter and downspout installation services.

When you need any residential roofing services in Grapevine, TX, from help with solar installation to help with the gutters, we can be there for you. Just reach out to us. Call 682-235-2880 today.


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